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10 Things You Should Never Search On Google And Why You Shouldn't

10 Things You Should Never Search On Google And Why You Shouldn't

As we all know, Google is the world’s biggest search engine with more than a trillion users a day. Google is one of man’s best inventions, helping more than one million problems everyday. For most instances, Google can help you solve a problem, but do you know it can work also against you?

I will talk about 10 things on this page, and why you never can search on Google?

10. Never Search Your Full Name On Google. Google keep your records via the cache in your browsers.

Did you ever wonder how Google serves you ads about what you need? That is because you can search Google for it before, because it knows you need it at that time. And I recommend that you never search for your name on Google because it shows third-party connections to all social networking sites where you have personal data. And you can easily be monitored if you save your details. That is why vpn is always important to protect your personal information.

9. Never Google Your Symptoms

If you have any health problems? If you can search for drugs and how to handle them on Google, then it is beneficial, but I will never advise you to look for the signs of disease. Bloggers have a way to appeal to their content and they will be afraid that he will get rid of control. I recalled I was finding specific symptoms of cold once. I was searching for simple signs, including cough, but I recalled a blog that once added death to the signs. It terrified me not to be able to keep my camera anymore. To save my life, I rushed to my doctor.

I only wanted a few pills to cure it, so why does death have to be included? So I studied these blogs so forums and pointed out that most were run by a man like you and me and not by health care practitioners.

And I’d recommend you to see your doctor for any health issues.

8 Never Google anything Criminal
I’m sincere and I mean it honestly. I’ll never recommend that you search on Google for something illegal.

Themes like how to make a Granada, the fast killing of a man, the shooting of a gun or the abortion of a pregnant lady should not be searched for on Google. As I said before, Google stores your files through the cache on your browsers. Therefore, the findings of Google’s searches expose you to alleged criminals after the Bomb exploded. Do you know you can even be arrested in your house? The use of your IP address would make it possible. And I’ll say you ‘re not searching for something illegal in Google.

7 Never Google anything about Cancer.
This is specifically for a cancer patient. It is a stage in which you think the less you sleep. If you dare to find something on Google about cancer, I bet it will lead to death as an outcome 99 per cent of the search result. Don’t let me frighten you ‘re only letting it end here.

6 Never Search anything on becoming a Yahoo Boy
This shows how quickly the EFCC now works with zero cybercrime tolerance. Over 1000 Yahoo Boys were arrested in 2019 and you will be sure that more than ten Yahoo schools are busy. I bet you’ll have to get busted before you even talk about having a computer to start the Yahoo company when you want to partner with Google. Google looking at how to cheat people could be too dangerous for you because Google holds our details, as I said before. I bet you will be suspected of your data by 2020 unless Google wants to collaborate with EFCC. This is why almost every Yahoo person uses fake Gmail and fake profiles.

5. Never Search anything about how to get Hard drugs
We are all aware that harsh drugs like cocaine, alcohol, hemp and other substances in Nigeria are both harmful and illegal. I will not tell you how to use any of these drugs or how to buy them so that you won’t be in trouble.

4. Never talk about home medications for serious infections or illnesses Google

I did not say the disease or fungus here, mind me, but I mean the extreme. You are free to look for basic health remedies such as headache or toothache, but never for extreme infections or diseases at home. For example, because this is not an illness you can treat at home fast when you are looking for online remedies, I ‘d like to tell you not to google for home remedies. I will encourage you to see a medical professional for this type of infection that will guide you before it gets worse.

3. Never Google anything about How to Kill
You might be an aspiring military student looking for more information to practice your professional career online, but I will advise you to limit what you are looking for online. Don’t ever seek ways to kill a person who’s a soldier that kills terrorists. In order not to keep your personal information or use it in future against you, I’ll encourage you to get to the point where your representatives place you there.

2. Never Google anything about How to Rape

Rape is a kind of insult. You’ve got a girl you’ve crushed, but she doesn’t want you bro and find the best way to use her instead of finding ways to wreck her life online. If you get caught in the act, you’ll be imprisoned. You could be caught by Google, so I won’t tell you how to rape Google, after doing something illegal with this lady.

1. Never Google anything about How to become a terrorist.

All countries of the planet Earth have zero terrorist tolerance. I don’t think I can say anything about it, because you know death is the penalty of becoming a terrorist. You think there is something that ‘s missing on the list?

feel free to add them in the comment section below.


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