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Is This Love? Or Is She Just There For The Money? Checkout These Pictures And Decide For Yourself

 Is This Love? Or Is She Just There For The Money? Checkout These Pictures And Decide For Yourself

I was flipping through Instagram when I stumbled on a certain photo. It was that of a small sized man and a very curvy lady.

Further research revealed that the name of the man is Grand P and he is a popular and wealthy musician in Guinea, while the lady named Eudoxie Yao is a model from Ivory Coast.

Grand P whose real name is Moussa Sandiana was born with a rare genetic disorder known progeria which have stopped him from growing while Eudoxie Yao who is popularly called “African Kim Kardashian” is a well endowed lady.

From the moment the duo announced their love affair, many have been of the opinion that it is either a marketing stunt to promote the brand of Grand P even more, or the lady is simply with the man because of the money as it is believed that Grand P is extremely rich.

But contrary to the belief of the public, the lady in question has taken her time to shut up their critics. She said both of them are truly in love with each other and not even the opinion of the public can change how they feel about each other.

This bold step by her is a commendable one but I leave the question to the readers of this article; Are these two really in love? Is she there for the money? Are they pulling a marketing stunt to promote their brand?

Too many questions are begging to be answered.

“Size does not matter, we are happy together and this is the most important thing, we thank everyone of you for your support, the physical does not count in a relationship to me”.

These were the exact words Eudoxie posted on her Instagram page where she boasts of over one million followers. Grand P on his part has said that he intends to make the Ivorian model his wife.

No doubt Grand P is being envied by most men in town because of how endowed is girlfriend is. But the question on the lips of lots of observers is this; Is this true love?


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