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Twitter Ban: The Beginning Of Obscurity In The Nigerian Creative Industry


In the Nigerian creative industry to set the pace for trends begins from the popular American micro-blogging platform, Twitter, which has assisted various movements with lending them a thick tough skin that seeks to change the Nigerian society.

From the Nigerian #EndSars protest which erupted like a volcano into the entire world from the platform as well as the American black lives matter, amongst other voices that rose to recognition through the platform seeks the change which our government has continued to promise and fail us.

The Twitter community has grown so large that it now owns a voice for the media personalities and influencers, celebrities, and aside from the fact that Nigeria has begun to seem disjointed from the world’s most leading global voice [Twitter]; I think a longer separation between our entire country users of the application could retrieve our power play factor as the leading creative industry which has been known and celebrated all over the West African, region.

Twitter has made a very strong and lasting impact that dwells amongst our creative[s], and they’ve become highly respected and known, celebrated even first from the platform while several backend glorying goes back to our home country [Nigeria].

Amidst the ban of the very supportive global social network, Twitter, Burna Boy trended and was celebrated also from the platform alongside Wizkid after their Grammy Award win.

Even Davido was celebrated from the platform after his thriving successful 10th anniversary playing in the game of Nigerian music industry.

He was celebrated with a specially crafted icon that marks his iconic moments and also sends goodwill to his home country [Nigeria] as several creative[s]are prepared to break into new realms to attain greater heights through their crafts but only to face such negativity that hanks obscurity so loudly, mostly from the B-list acts and underground creators.

We need our platform back at least to save creative[s]from the frustration of this bad Nigerian economy. In between our industry that has boldly ushered the global audio streaming giant recently, Twitter has a major role to play in digging deep into the arts we create while connecting them with existing listeners to access them through her large media, community.

Through the Twitter ban lifted in Nigeria, our hope would rise back again in the continuity to race huge relevance while we’ve remained the biggest West African creative hub for art creators to expand from and thrive, yearly.

Even Olamide’s 12th studio album release has supposed to begin embracing the smooth clot of Twitter trends from his sticky acolytes through the platform only if it might simply still get a genuine chance to be released this June during the un-lifted ban in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, Twitter has partaken in the most successful Nigerian records that peaked globally apart from the #Endsars protest and #Sorosoke, recording acts and content creators have benefited in the existence of this very large community that has never separated creators but strongly tied them with the audience together even between creative at hangouts in various parts of Nigeria; it has automatically given the least user a chance to explore through their interest, enabling every one of them to access contents anytime as they could retweet as well as engage and spread information’s thereby making trends pave way for the entire world to connect with.

Nigeria is a hub that has learned a way to appreciate this social network as the average Nigerian smartphone user has to install the app and have an account which they use to follow every single bit of updates and trends going on even as they could at least partake in retweeting the information for the general public to receive before it goes volcanic, in between.

Big Brother Naija seasons have always been elevated through the trends of the platform as housemates and fans connect with information as well as a great deal of conversation makes it to the top topics on the platform.

Twitter has lead many creative[s]to bridge the gap of obscurity to the limelight, DandizzyCrackHeadXtraOmah Lay, and more have benefited through her paths made for one to leap into the lacing limelight.

Several opportunities have been met through the platform as well as recording acts and creative[s]have been discovered from obscurity into fame and respect.

Mayorkun was discovered and signed into DMW through the application as well as many other buzzing Nigerian acts.

While the Nigerian government has to understand the greater hope attached with creative[s]for a brighter future after they fully accept raw truth, and never neglecting the voices of the youths and recognizing to support each stream which their valuable talents [resources]flow from to amplify her cultural existence, Twitter ban, would never cease to be a plain path to creative[s]obscurity, and this path has even greater damage to her economic progress offering more harm than good when we understand that our Nigerian cultural prestige has been naturally tied to every creativity, and how they’ve bridged the gap for culture to embrace globally recognized stage and a dwindling economy.


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